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Technical Details

Studio TechnologyWhether you’re a composer or a performer, it’s never been easier to create music than it is today.  Computer technology has developed so far and so fast in recent years that even a basic laptop computer using the right software can be used for making multi track recordings, offering a range of capabilities that the recording engineers of 40-50 years ago could only dream about.

Computers are also a great help for those like me who write music.  I can create musical scores quickly and easily using   notation software and can immediately play back what I’ve written on my computer by using libraries of synthesised or sampled instrument sounds to recreate the sound of an orchestra. Unlike composers of the past, today we don’t need to assemble an orchestra in order to hear what our music will sound like.

I’ve put this page together for those of you who might be interested in knowing about the equipment and software that I use.  My spending over the years amounts to several thousand pounds but it’s possible to get really good results at a fraction of that price.  My very first steps in composing orchestral music were in fact taken with a very inexpensive piece of shareware software called Melody Assistant which ran on my laptop.  I found it to be a very good product when I used it many years ago, ideally suited for anyone on a limited budget and especially for those who want to have a try at composing.

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