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I’ve included here a few samples of some of the music that I have composed over the years as well as links to two CDs which are available for purchase as downloads. 

Music for Piano

You will find below audio recordings of two pieces composed for piano.  There are also pdf copies of the scores above each of the audio files so if you are a pianist and would like to play these pieces yourself, please feel free to print out the music.

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Music for Orchestra

I’ve included three recordings below, the first two are audio files and the last is a video set to music.

Calderdale Overture  


Dance of the Children  




The CDs below are available to download or stream through a variety of stores including Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

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The following audio packages, one for adults and one for children, have been designed for use in the home or in therapeutic settings.  Current research clearly indicates the positive effect which music can have in reducing stress and strengthening the immune system and the music used in these CDs has been specifically composed for that purpose.  The Musical Medicine and Musical Magic audio packs  can be purchased from CD Baby by clicking on the CD cover images below:

Musical Medicine

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Designed for adults, ‘Musical Medicine’ introduces music as a healing agent and energy alignment as a transformative process. The pack contains two CDs:

CD1 A simple, safe and effective method of calming the mind and the emotions and strengthening resilience.  It induces peaceful sleep, bringing comfort and reassurance.

CD2 Healing music which has been specially composed to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.  As fear and worry dissolve, hope is restored.

   Musical Magic

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Designed for young children, this pack also contains two CDs:

CD1 for use during the day.

Track 1 – Nursery Rhymes with sound effects for an enjoyable shared experience.
Track 2 – Story Time: music to accompany playtime, encouraging creative activity and harmonious interaction.

CD2 for use at night time, helping children to release  unhappy thoughts and restore restful sleep.

Track 1 – For 3 – 6 year olds.
Track 2 – For 7 – 9 year olds.
Track 3 – Snowflake Lullaby. For babies to instil peaceful feelings.

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