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Healing with Music


“Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”

Yehudi Menuhin

Music for HealingMusic has been recognised as a healing force for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks including Plato and Socrates believed that music healed the soul and purified the emotions and over the centuries since those times, music has continued to be used by many cultures as a means of aiding healing. During the last century, it was used in hospitals to treat WW1 and WW2 soldiers suffering from emotional, mental and physical trauma and many hospitals still continue to use music to assist pain relief and improve recovery times.   

Writing music to assist healing is without doubt the most important and most fulfilling aspect of my work.


As a member of Rainbow Light Trust, I work alongside some very gifted holistic therapists and am often asked to write a piece of music to complement the healing programme of one of their clients.  Now whenever I hear the term ‘healing music’, I immediately think of soft, floaty sounds – the sort of music that helps relaxation – and sometimes this is exactly what a person might need…. but not always! 

Unfortunately, I can’t claim to know what kind of music would be most applicable for a specific person at a specific time in their life and so if ever I was to compose something which I thought would be helpful, I’m almost certain to get it wrong.  Knowing however that there are non-physical music guides working with me means that I can call on them for help and after doing so can expect to receive a piece of music from them which is right for the client concerned.  By meditating and using my intuition, I know that I can expect a piece of music to start taking shape in my mind.

Now you may wonder how I can be sure that this music running though my mind is coming from my intuition rather than my thinking mind?  Well, there is in fact a quick and easy way of checking:


Providing I receive the confirmation then I will continue with the piece of music.  If I don’t, then I know that the music I started to write wasn’t correct for this particular client and so I need to go through this process once again.

There have been many occasions over the years when despite an inclination to compose some slow, flowing, soothing music to assist the healing of a specific client, through following my intuition and the subsequent confirmation, I have ended up writing a loud, high tempo piece, quite different to what I might have expected to be suitable.  Below is an example of one such piece of music.

Ada's Gift

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If you are interested in learning more about the true nature of music, including how it can be used for healing, I recommend the Musical Medicine Manual.

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