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Channelling Music

ChannellingMany people today refuse to accept that there is such a thing as life outside of this physical dimension and cannot accept that we each have a soul, let alone that our souls continue to live after our physical death.  If you are one of these people then I’m afraid you probably won’t get a great deal out of this page! 

Let me start by outlining a core belief that underpins my approach to writing music:  I believe that there are many beings who during their life on earth were highly accomplished musicians and composers, who are now guiding musicians here on earth from non-physical realms.

That may seem a pretty outrageous claim to make especially since I can’t offer any definitive proof to support my belief.   I don’t have the gifts of clairvoyance or clairaudience and so I can’t even claim that I have seen or heard these ‘spirit guides’ when I am writing music.  So what makes me so sure of my beliefs?

This conviction is supported by the experience that I often have when writing music.  When  I am working well, the notes just seem to flow into my mind naturally without the need for me to ‘think them’ into existence; it’s as if I am tuned into a source of music and my mind is ‘hearing’ this music.


Now this may sound just a little strange but as you will see from the quotations on this page,  other composers have clearly had similar feelings.  I have come across many similar comments over the years, made by musicians present and past, some of which I compiled for a blog about channelling.  


 Of course many people would argue that this experience is nothing strange at all and is simply how the creative process works.  I can understand why they may feel that way and it is certainly easier to hold this more conventional view.  There is however a lot of evidence to support my belief in musical guides and if you are open-minded enough to consider this to be a possibility, I recommend that you take a look at these short videos that I’ve produced on this topic.


There is also a series of articles on channelling music which I produced for the Rainbow Light Trust blog .

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If you are interested in having an understanding of how this intuition improvement process works then I recommend that you watch the series of videos and you may also wish to read the Musical Medicine manual.

Knowing that I am being helped by non-physical guides has made a huge difference to me and to the ease with which I am able to compose.  By following the steps outlined above, you too will see a difference.


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