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Jennifer Warters BSc MA IPHM

Senior Tutor Therapist: Quantum Light Programme: Intermediate Level

Jennifer manages the Academy of Spiritual Sciences, School of the Air for Rainbow Light Trust.  She established Light Voice, a Holistic Voice Consultancy in 2001 and runs an active international online Tinnitus clinic.  Jennifer’s current research focus is sacred sound and the links between consciousness, communication and hearing impairment.

As a generic speech and language specialist within the NHS Trust, Jennifer coordinated and delivered an area wide service to adults with learning disabilities and children with special needs.  She has an MA in Counselling and has had 30 years experience working in hospitals, schools and community settings.

A lifelong interest in drama, storytelling and creative expression led to Post-Graduate Training in Metaphysics and Holistic Therapies in search of new ways to address communication and hearing impairment.  An Innovative approach to holistic services for adults and children with communication and behavioural difficulties is now integrated into teaching manuals, available through Epiphany Press.

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Rebecca Penkett BSc (Hons)

Tutor: Quantum Light Programme: Foundation Level

Rebecca manages the finance department for Rainbow Light Trust.  Prior to teaching for the Academy of Spiritual Sciences, Rebecca trained in metaphysics and holistic therapies.  During her Academy training, Rebecca taught herself to play the harp intuitively and established Harp Alignment in 2007.  She is an experienced Iyengar Yoga practitioner and her current therapeutic focus is the release of cellular memory imprints through intuitively received harp music and energetic alignment.  Rebecca runs a Vibrational Healing Clinic in Halifax, UK.

As a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University with a BSc in Business Studies, Rebecca worked as an Atmospheric Science Administrator at the University of Cambridge and was involved in project management and the organisation of international scientific conferences.

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 Louise Oliver BA (1st Class Hons)

Tutor: Art and Alignment

Louise manages Ribbons of Light, which is a global outreach programme for Rainbow Light Trust.  Louise trained in metaphysics and holistic therapies with the Academy of Spiritual Sciences and is managing the Art and Alignment component of the Academy of Spiritual Sciences, School of the Air.

Louise graduated in Fine Art and has many years experience as a visual artist, writer and theatre practitioner.  She was a core artist with IOU Theatre, which has an international reputation for a wide range of arts events, touring extensively and running workshops in Colleges, Schools and Art Centres.  Louise’s interests in meditation, healing, creativity and art are developed within her project Sapphire Light.

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Michael Kowalski BSc (Hons)

Tutor: Musical Medicine

Michael is a composer of orchestral music and his music is used by members of Rainbow Light Trust to support healing and teaching activities.  He leads the website team for Rainbow Light Trust and also provides both technical assistance and original music to help further the teaching work of Carol Lamb.

A graduate of the University of Manchester with a BSc in Physics, he worked for over thirty years in a variety of management roles for a multi-national IT company before taking early retirement in 2016 to allow him to focus on his music related activities.

Michael trained in Metaphysics and Holistic Therapies with the Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  He  receives channelled music for healing and has a particular interest in passing his understanding on to others through his work with Amadeus Project.

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