At this time of global unease and spiritual seeking

our goal is to reach the widest audience.

Our courses have been presented through presentations and a comprehensive therapist training programme for more than two decades.  Our continued aim is to deepen awareness of the origins of consciousness and the factors affecting health and harmony.

New technology has made information readily accessible to everyone, enabling us to reach out to many more students.  Our focus will now shift from online courses to audio and video downloads and online webinars with books and manuals available through our publishing company Epiphany Press.


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Doctors of the Soul


Our aim is to integrate the knowledge and expertise of science and medicine through a deeper understanding of metaphysics and the multidimensional nature of consciousness.  The Academy programme is founded on the principle that health reflects the interaction between the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual components.  The interface is energetic and therefore the key to healing is to restore balance through energy alignment.

In metaphysical terms the origin of consciousness is perceived as divine and multi faceted, a stepped down frequency through which intuition informs the rational mind.  The sacred sciences teach that an archive of accrued wisdom exists beyond the brain and is accessed in accordance with the capacity of the individual soul to receive.

Subtle Energy Anatomy

An understanding of human anatomy and physiology is the basis of modern medical science which accepts that physical anatomy is governed by neurological processes and the chemical messaging system of the brain.  The knowledge of subtle energy anatomy which governs it, predates medical knowledge and is therefore not acknowledged by orthodox medicine.

The subtle energy system is the primary force which links to the spiritual or intuitive origins of consciousness.  Together the two integrated systems comprise the cohesive union of spirit and matter.

                                                              Light Transmission and Neurobiology

‘The physiology of the body is governed by cellular communication through bio-photonic electrical circuits: i.e. cells are instructed by light’

Technology and medical research now confirm that the physiology of the body is governed by a process of cellular communication.  Bio-photonic electrical circuits within cells are instructed by light transmission.  This is initially received at the subtle energy level as photons (packets of light) then integrated as bio-photons at the physical level.

This signalling system is stepped down through the subtle energy anatomy as intuitive, intellectual and sensory frequencies received via the crown chakra.  The right brain hemisphere receives the intuitive creative impulse which is then transposed by the left hemisphere as logic and interpreted as action in the world of form.


Preventative Health Care

Observation and research into the electro magnetic field or aura, confirms that disease can be detected before it manifests in the physical body.  This is the science of the future.  The Emerald Alignment is a simple, safe and effective method of integrating subtle energy at the physical level.  Energy alignment channels this energy through the crown chakra to the spine via the central meridian and neurological system and to every part of the body.

The Living Memory Research Trust

A unique approach to holistic therapy drawing upon the quantum science of epigenetics, medical astrology, sound therapy and subtle energy body mapping.

Published clinical case studies collated over more than twenty five years provide evaluation of energy healing.  This unique archive demonstrates the means by which we each have access to a stream of consciousness beyond the brain, limited only by our own perception.  Articles and research papers published through Epiphany Press in 2017 will now be available online.

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Integration of Right and Left brain hemispheres is the key to energy alignment and physical health.  Undue focus and reliance on technology can impact upon intellectual capacity, suppressing intuitive creative response.  We emphasise the need to achieve a balance between academic ability and creative activities through our special interest subjects.


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Special Interest Subjects

Art and Alignment 

Musical Medicine

In depth discussion of metaphysics, the science of healing.  Graduates of the Academy discuss their personal journey and the optimum for choice and change to fulfill potential.

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