These radio programmes were broadcast to increase awareness of our multidimensional nature, through the knowledge and understanding of metaphysics, the science of healing.  Our teaching is based in the esoteric wisdom of the ages gleaned from the Mystery Schools of East and West and offers the application and implementation of this understanding.

The two Academy programmes below are from the 2013 radio archive.

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences

The Founding and Development of the Academy of Spiritual Sciences

Metaphysics: The Science of Healing



A Delicate Balance

It’s Elementary: Structure of the Auric Field / Correspondence of the Four Elements

Healing Options


Interviews with  Members of Rainbow Light Trust who are

Graduates of  The Academy of Spiritual Sciences


Jennifer Warters
Clinician Researcher
Toning the Call of the Soul

Sandra Lamb
Medical Astrologer and Numerologist
Medical Astrology 

Louise Oliver
Therapist, Artist and Writer
Choosing to Live

Michael Kowalski
Composer and Musician
Where Does Music Come From?

Lynne Kowalski
Outreach and Community Worker
On Being the Dancer

Rebecca Penkett
Holistic Harp Therapist
Cells of the Soul