Rainbow Light Trust is a ‘not for profit’, non denominational organisation dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences; the links between body, mind and consciousness.  We offer a practical and creative approach to life through our global prayer and meditation network, therapy clinics, manuals, CDs and videos.

Rainbow Light Trust was formerly known as Rainbow Light Foundation and was founded in 2002 by Carol Lamb, whose work has been guided for many years by a continuous transmission of a stream of higher consciousness.  Rainbow Light Foundation was created to encourage Peace through an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness.  This message is enhanced by teaching manuals written by members of the Trust.

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences delivered training courses and presentations for two decades and its training programme was based on the principle that health reflects the interaction between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.  The interface is energetic and therefore the key to healing is to restore balance through energy alignment.  A history of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences can be found on our Academy Broadcasting page.

Although the Academy of Spiritual Sciences no longer offers training courses, it has left a valuable legacy.  Much of the training course content has now been made available in the form of books, manuals, CDs and videos which you will find in the Products section of this website.

The Living Memory Research Trust

The spiritual essence and application of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences’ advanced teaching is also carried forward through the work and research of The Living Memory Research Trust which offers a cutting edge, integrative approach to healing.

Achieving a Balance

Rainbow Light Trust’s focus is to emphasise the need to obtain a balance between logical, analytical activities and creative pursuits.  It has become more and more difficult for people to achieve this due to an increasing use of technology, which leads to overuse of the left hemisphere of the brain and underuse of the right hemisphere.  Integration of the right and left sides of the brain is however the key to energy alignment, which in turn leads to improved health, intuitive response and creativity.

At this time of global unease and spiritual seeking
our goal is to reach the widest audience


Globe Broadcast

The Trust is a consortium of healers, teachers, therapists and artists whose work promotes the teaching of Carol Lamb, who has contributed a series of blogs to this website.  The work of each member, whose details are shown below, has been influenced and enhanced by constant practice the energy alignment principles outlined on this website.  Here you will find links to their websites, articles which they have contributed to the Rainbow Light Trust blog and radio recordings where members talk about their lives, how they connected to the organisation and their work that has been born out of this connection.

Jennifer Warters
Holistic Voice Consultant/Researcher
Light Voice Website
Jennifer’s Blog
Radio Interview: Pieces of the Soul

Rebecca Penkett
Harp Therapist
Harp Alignment Website
Rebecca’s Blog
Radio Interview: Cells of the Soul

Lynne Kowalski
Outreach and Community Worker
Lynne’s Story
Lynne’s Blog
Radio Interview: On Being the Dancer

Michael Kowalski
Composer and Musician
Amadeus Project Website
Michael’s Blog
Radio Interview: Where Does Music Come From?

Honorary Member and Consultant

Joseph Burns
Honorary Member
Joseph’s Story

Sandra Lamb
Numerology and Astrology Consultant
Starlight Website
Sandra’s Blog
Radio Interview: Medical Astrology

The work of Rainbow Light Trust is managed and funded by Members who volunteer their services.

Any contribution will enable this work to continue and is greatly appreciated.