Never take sweets from strangers?

A plea for awareness: How strange that on one specific night of the year, during the hours of darkness, we increasingly allow our children to dress up in costumes which make Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 18.48.39them unrecognisable and encourage them to knock on the doors of strangers to demand sweets, ‘trick or treating”.  Halloween has become a secular holiday, perceived as harmless fun, an opportunity to engage in shared community activities.  We have forgotten the significance of the 2000 year old Celtic pagan origins which were a celebration of naturals cycles; a thanksgiving for harvest in preparation for the coming of winter, but one which marked the division between the spirit world and our own. Continue reading

Elemental Connections – The Nature Kingdom

The Elemental Kingdom is the interface between humanity and the spiritual hierarchy of multi dimensional streams of consciousness.  Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 16.15.24 Hierarchy is a word which often ignites misunderstanding and mistrust, a legacy of the power abuses inherent within human consciousness.  The spiritual hierarchy  of the nature  kingdom is a demonstration of love in action, a pattern for us to follow; each member from the smallest to the greatest working in harmony and cooperation.  Lesser elementals are however influenced by human consciousness and can be mischievous or even destructive if not benignly guided.  This is the true meaning of ‘to take dominion over the Earth‘. Continue reading

SHADOW AND LIGHT: Paranormal encounters

The debate over what constitutes positive or negative experience  continues.  We know that light exists but for many there is a refusal to acknowledge darkness or duality.  Since the human body is dependent upon light for life it is important to clarify what is beneficial and what is not.  Light is ‘electromagnetic radiation, the main source of which is the sun’Shadow is defined as ‘ a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface’.  This is ‘an opposition or contrast’ what we might describe as  blocking the  light.bright-light-650x372 Continue reading

Dementia – Empowering Carers

dementia-pic.jpg-250x202The sign does not only apply to those suffering the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s but to relatives and friends.  What do you do when your are forced to accept that the memory lapses and increasing confusion of a loved one are something more than a natural ageing process. Continue reading

B.K.S. IYENGAR – A Light now shining in a brighter Firmament

In a week which saw the passing of the great yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar we can reflect upon his legacy as the one who brought Yoga not only to the West but to all parts of the world.  For me his contribution had a particular significance.

As a young child I struggled to understand the past life memories which were so much a part of my every day life.  My initial  experiences in the 1940s and 50s were moulded by the industrial environment in which I lived and my parents’ employment in the local cotton mills.  How was I to make sense of the images and  words which floated around my mind for which I had no context?  A  seven year old child hearing the whispered words with  no sense of what they meant… hieroglyphics…. homoeopathy…. raja yoga…?  I did not have to seek, the answers were brought to me.

Continue reading


Paranormal communication or contact with the non physical world is as old as mankind, all spiritual traditions have  recorded a rich archive of  the experiences of gurus, saints, masters and ordinary people from every walk of life.  The word ‘paranormal’ conjures up images of ghosts, spirits and haunted places when these are  more a reflection of our lack of understanding of what constitutes conscious communication.  Our fascination with the unknown fuels the paranormal investigative television  programmes and feature films which all too often continue to feed our fears rather than increase our awareness. Continue reading


The global spiritual awakening now taking place is heartening, signalling the deep stirrings of mass consciousness; at the same time we are increasingly aware of  climate change, civil unrest, conflict and upheaval.  There is no contradiction for the cause is the same.  Science confirms the Earth is experiencing a polar shift with a destabilising effect at the personal and planetary level.  The light particles now bombarding the Earth increase the vibratory rate of the subtle energy field, unless we can attune to the increased frequency the body chemistry and the electrical circuitry become unbalanced. Continue reading


It is said that power corrupts, today corruption is being exposed as never before at all levels and to a depth of depravity we could never have imagined.  The soul memories which are the focus of recent blogs are often directly linked to feelings of powerlessness and betrayal.  Pain causes us to pull away from the source if at all possible, when this proves impossible we are forced to endure and deep trauma results.  The response to emotional pain is withdrawal, a refusal to trust relationships while mental anguish creates disconnection, fragmentation and ultimately severe mental health issues.  All of these leave an indelible impression at the subconscious level and a soul imprint at an energetic level.  The deepest soul wounds however are experienced as a result of spiritual betrayal for when our abusers are those we regarded as the ultimate source of solace and protection we are stripped of all hope and left bereft.  The effect is to diminish the life force resulting in powerlessness; we then become a magnet for further abuse; the reason paedophiles are able to target vulnerable children.

Churches of all denominations have provided us with the most exemplary lives of service to mankind, at the same time many among them have sheltered and protected  those responsible for abusing the weakest in their care.  For many years the reports of paedophile priests went unreported, the pleas of their victims ignored with their abusers sheltered and protected.  Today we see the consequence.  The Catholic Church with its global network is one of the most powerful institutions the world has ever seen.  All networks are governed from the core with power stepped down incrementally, reflecting the power base; in this case through the Curia, the administrative arm of the church.  The failure of the church to root out corruption has resulted in the infiltration of a negative hierarchy operating from within, its tentacles reaching out as a global paedophile network.  It remains to be seen whether the reforming agenda Pope Francis has announced is credible or possible. Continue reading



Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 1632 – 1723) is considered the Father of Microbiology.  A Dutch tradesman and scientist, he developed an interest in lens making and using his hand crafted miscroscopes he was the first to observe and describe single celled organisms which were previously unknown.  His findings were initially met with scepticism but became the foundation of a new science, microbiology.  In the 20th century technology advanced allowing observation at the molecular and atomic cellular level and today diagnosis and appropriate response by physicians and surgeons is guided by the laboratory reports which indicate cellular activity. Continue reading

HEALING WATER – A Miraculous Spring

Acceptance of our divine origins opens the doors of human perception. In the quantum world of metaphysics what once seemed akin to fantasy fiction becomes reality as the science of today shapes our tomorrow.  Throughout time visionaries, seers and mystics have shared their experience of the divine, pointing the way to a wisdom beyond knowledge.  The eternal dilemma is how to integrate science and mysticism, religion and spirituality.  Today quantum science points the way, opening a door to find the mystic already sitting in meditation, smiling and asking the question ‘What took you so long?’

Healers work intuitively and may or may not understand the dynamics and principles of what takes place to effect a healing.  Often for them it is  enough to be the conduit which links the physical world to the invisible realms; providing a channel through which the universal energy can flow.  To gain a deeper understanding a formulae is required, one not bound by the limitation of physics; we must step into the world of metaphysics; here we encounter worlds within worlds, in timeless space. Continue reading