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The Emerald Alignment

The Emerald Alignment is a simple, safe and effective method of healing, which balances and aligns the electromagnetic field or aura and is recommended for use as daily holistic medication to align mind, body and spirit.  It can be purchased as a download for $9.99 by clicking on the cover image to the left.

The album includes a short version of the Emerald Alignment exercise which can be used anywhere and at any time to soothe the mind and emotions whilst strengthening resilience.  It also includes a longer version which can be incorporated into a daily routine and is particularly helpful where sleep is adversely affected.

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Meditation CD

Rainbow Light Trust Meditation is guided with words and music and offers a simple, safe and effective method of meditation to bring calm to everyday life.  It can be purchased as a download for $9.99 by clicking on the cover image to the left.

The Meditation is accompanied by the Peace Tones, which lift the listener to a higher vibration, helping to restore harmony and peace.

The Emerald Alignment brings the Energy Field into balance and alignment at the end of the meditation.  The Peace Tones can be enjoyed without words on a separate track.

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Musical Apothecary

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Members of Rainbow Light Trust have worked extensively over several decades in the National Health Service (NHS) as well as  private and voluntary sectors. Our client group includes both adults and children with special needs; a particular focus has been clients and family members affected by trauma and loss associated with end of life care.

A previous research programme in collaboration with the NHS demonstrated the positive effect of music on hearing impaired infants and the child’s ability to acquire language.

Current research clearly indicates the positive effect which music can have in reducing stress and strengthening the immune system. Our therapists include musicians and a resident composer who writes and produces music specific to client needs.

We have developed two new audio packages for use in the home or in therapeutic settings.  These are available in both CD and audio download formats and can be purchased by clicking on the cover images below:

Musical Medicine

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Designed for adults, ‘Musical Medicine’ introduces music as a healing agent and energy alignment as a transformative process. The pack contains two CDs:

CD1 A simple, safe and effective method of calming the mind and the emotions and strengthening resilience.  It induces peaceful sleep, bringing comfort and reassurance.

CD2 Healing music which has been specially composed to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.  As fear and worry dissolve, hope is restored.

Musical Magic

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Designed for young children, this pack also contains two CDs:

CD1 for use during the day.

Track 1 – Nursery Rhymes with sound effects for an enjoyable shared experience.
Track 2 – Story Time: music to accompany playtime, encouraging creative activity and harmonious interaction.

CD2 for use at night time, helping children to release  unhappy thoughts and restore restful sleep.

Track 1 – For 3 – 6 year olds.
Track 2 – For 7 – 9 year olds.
Track 3 – Snowflake Lullaby. For babies to instil peaceful feelings.