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A ‘not for profit’, non denominational organisation dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences; the links between body, mind and consciousness.  We offer practical and creative ways to deal with the challenges of life and seek to encourage Peace through an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness.  There are numerous resources on this website to support this goal but the most important is a simple safe and effective technique which underpins all aspects of our work.


Let in the Light

The Emerald Alignment is free and can be used by anyone.  Daily practice begins to rebalance and harmonise the subtle energy field (auric field) of the human body, which flows in and around the physical anatomy and is directly connected to our thoughts and feelings.  By regularly using this method of alignment, we are able to strengthen our immune system and increase our resilience to physical, mental and emotional distress.  Over many years, we have worked with people of all ages who have improved their health through sustained practice of this simple exercise.

Through daily practice, this simple technique connects us to our higher intuitive faculties and increases our creative potential, helping to enhance and inspire any creative activity.

The Emerald Alignment page provides a detailed description of the process including a 4 minute audio to help you to practice the exercise.


The Emerald Alignment underpins all aspects of the work profiled on the website, which includes our specialist Online Tinnitus Clinic.

We believe that creative expression is fundamental to health and happiness and our members regularly practise the Emerald Alignment to enhance their creative gifts in support of their work with art and music.


Light Voice
Harp Alignment

Please take a few moments to browse around this website where you will find a great deal of useful information including self-help exercises, videos, blogs, a Question and Answer (Q&A) section and an extensive archive of radio broadcasts covering topics which include psychic phenomena, healing and spiritual awakening.

We have a Product section where you can purchase books, manuals and CDs, many of which include free extracts to allow you to sample them prior to placing an order.

Finally, we invite you to join our global community in strengthening networks of peace through focussed meditation and prayer for those in need.



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