Challenge of Change

Rainbow Light Trust evolved from Rainbow Light Foundation, a not for profit healing and teaching community founded in 2002. Members comprise a consortium of healers, teachers, therapists and artists drawn from one of the earlier spiritual communities each of which was established under direct guidance commencing in 1991. The guiding principle has been to encourage personal empowerment through a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness and the journey of the soul.

During a 17 – year period the organisation has attracted a global following through its self-help and therapist training programmes, books, manuals and CDs. A key component of our work has been to demonstrate positive action and a willingness to embrace change. Our members now welcome an opportunity to further develop their individual expertise through their established projects commencing January 2019. The Rainbow Light Trust website will therefore be discontinued at the close of the current year, key content will be maintained and presented through existing and new project websites. We encourage all who are like minded to continue to follow our work.

Please watch this Home page during December for updates.

Ribbons of Light and The Prayer Tree are currently under construction and will be assimilated.

Jennifer Warters’ Light Voice project will now focus upon research and will be presented through the Living Memory Research Trust

A message from our Founder

“Spiritual evolution whether personal or collective is a challenge, demanding sacrifice and compromise for the greater good. It is not for the faint hearted. The ability to work together in harmony is the highest expression of personal discipline; sustaining harmonious conditions within a group framework over time is beyond the capacity of most and is the cause of fragmentation and collapse of many spiritual communities. I feel privileged to congratulate the members of Rainbow Light Trust who having worked so diligently together for so long, now look forward with enthusiasm to meeting the challenge of developing personal skills and attributes independently while maintaining the core philosophy and content. I wish to express my profound respect and thanks to each of them for meeting the many challenges over the years in ensuring the integrity of the message, assuring them of my continuing support.”

Carol Lamb


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